Mission & Overview

Planning, Innovating, Educating – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

"We continually explore and evaluate advanced technologies to help our customers achieve the highest level of cost savings, providing the most effective means to control energy use and improve profitability.” - Lou Joseph, President & CEO

Our Mission: Be the Benchmark in Customer Service

At The Brewer-Garrett Company, we start from the premise that satisfying the customer is our number one corporate priority. Based on that, we have made, and continue to make a substantial investment in people, programs and technologies to be the benchmark in customer service for the building services and energy industries. Our goal is to empower our customers to reduce their impact on global energy resources. We aim to be the single source for all your energy services and mechanical systems needs.

We specialize in:

  • Energy Services
  • HVAC Services
  • Design/Build
  • Integrated Facility Services
  • Commissioning
  • Environmental Education

At The Brewer-Garrett Company, our employees are always on the lookout for emerging technologies that can be integrated into our energy solutions. We also encourage our teams to share these new ideas through our in-house training events. By doing this, Brewer-Garrett is supporting the growth of businesses in the NE Ohio region and helping our customers stay profitable and grow.

Relationship building is the foundation of President/CEO Lou Joseph’s (and our company’s) business philosophy. This philosophy is instilled within every employee we hire. We believe that, “If we do one job for you, we did something wrong. We want to establish a long term relationship – to be part of your budget and part of your process.” Lou Joseph has made a great effort to infuse his staff with this vision that focuses on lasting relationships with clients rather than single project engagements.

The Brewer-Garrett Company is all about people – our customers and especially our staff.

Like Joseph says, “Take care of your people and they will take care of your customers.”

Our highly qualified and experienced team has many designations and certifications to exemplify their commitment to quality. 

  • Professional Engineers - Registered in several states
  • Leadership in Engineering & Environmental Design Accredited Professionals
  • Certified Energy Managers
  • Certified Demand Side Managers
  • Certified Cogeneration Professional
  • Certified Lighting Efficiency Professional
  • Certified Building Commissioning Professional
  • Distributed Generation Certified Professional