Save on energy costs and improve occupant comfort

Hanna TheaterDid you know that up to 70% of the energy used by a building can be attributed to the operation of the HVAC system? Also, according to the US Department of Energy, 30% of the power used in commercial buildings is wasted. The Brewer-Garrett Company develops energy saving solutions for commercial facilities that reduce operational costs and add value to building assets. Our mechanical contractor services improve building systems and equipment efficiencies and reduce operational costs, while ensuring environmental quality and occupant comfort is maintained. The energy efficiency improvements we have successfully completed at commercial facilities include complete turnkey solutions from assessments and surveys, through design, installation and ongoing service.

Our experienced team of mechanical contractors including energy engineers, auditors, certified energy managers, automation specialists, certified building commissioning professionals and LEED accredited professionals will ensure the proper energy saving solutions and products are employed to achieve maximum results. Through our energy performance contracting we have provided HVAC system replacement/upgrades, boiler/chiller plant upgrades, steam piping distribution system upgrades, steam trap repairs, lighting retrofit/upgrades, building automation systems and controls, and water conservation. Read about our successes at commercial facilities in our case studies.

Brewer-Garrett's energy saving solutions include:

  • Comprehensive energy audits to identify issues and assess the economic feasibility of energy conservation measures
  • Selection and use of appropriate energy saving technologies and equipment to achieve target energy and cost savings
  • Expert design-build services and project management skills to ensure systems are replaced or upgraded with minimal disruption or downtime
  • Installation and service of building automation systems for controlled energy costs and temperature and schedule adjustment
  • HVAC services and integrated facility services to ensure systems and equipment function at optimal levels at all times

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Protect your building assets with preventive maintenance and ongoing service

Occupant comfort levels, managed by your HVAC system, are critical in the operation of a commercial building. The number one complaint from tenants in an office building is it’s either “too hot” or “too cold”. Next among the most common complaints are bad indoor air quality, it’s “too drafty” or “too noisy”. Brewer-Garrett preventative maintenance programs are designed to extend HVAC equipment life, minimize its costs of operation and maximize productivity and comfort in the space.

Maintenance of your HVAC system can be a drain on in-house facilities personnel and your company budget. Stocking tools, supplies and replacement parts needed to fix a commercial HVAC failure can be a major financial burden. The experienced HVAC service technicians from The Brewer-Garrett Company provide the specialized attention that your commercial HVAC system needs, and they can pay for themselves through the savings generated by our preventive maintenance programs. Our program uses a total cost of ownership approach to identify the true cost to operate your HVAC system. This includes the cost of energy, downtime, repairs, parts & materials, administration, in-house staff and capital replacement.

Additionally, The Brewer-Garrett Company offers seamless integrated facility management services at commercial facilities. We have the facility management expertise that can save you the time and cost of maintaining a qualified facilities manager and maintenance crew. Also, our integrated facilities services improve efficiency and lower building energy use for additional savings. We understand that every facility has unique needs. We customize the program to suit your specific requirements. Our well-documented services include an individualized facility operation and maintenance policy and manual with energy analysis, emergency procedures and a safety program. This helps you improve your building’s efficiency and add value to your bottom line.

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