Performance contracting meets energy conservation targets

Government institutions are constantly under pressure to improve building efficiency and demonstrate energy savings. By 2015, legislation mandate requires federal buildings to achieve a 30 percent reduction in total energy use. Federal buildings will also be required to completely eliminate the use of fossil-fuels by 2030.

Energy saving solutions from The Brewer-Garrett Company include a variety of innovative and flexible products to achieve targeted energy and environmental emission reductions. At that same time, we work to improve operational efficiency and comfort levels for building occupants. Our energy engineers, energy auditors, certified energy managers, automation specialists, certified building commissioning professionals and LEED accredited professionals will work with you through the completion of your project to ensure mandates are met and expectations are exceeded.

We improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

  • We guarantee energy savings through performance contracting, or we'll write you a check for the difference.
  • Building efficiency improvements are based on energy audit findings and conservation goals. We don't just start fixing things; we evaluate and develop a thorough plan according to defined needs.
  • Utilization of the latest energy saving technologies and innovative products will enable you to easily meet projected targets.
  • Expert design/build services and project management skills ensure your systems are replaced or upgraded with minimal disruption or downtime.
  • Installation and service of building automation systems control energy costs and adjust temperatures and schedules to reduce waste.
  • HVAC services can compliment an existing in-house maintenance crew, or our integrated facility services can handle the maintenance entirely to ensure your systems and equipment function at peak levels for years to come.
  • The Brewer-Garrett Company can help your government facility meet mandates while saving you money and improving building occupant comfort. To see how we've assisted other facilities, read some of our case studies.

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Experts on HB 300 will save you money

Ohio House Bill 300 is a strategic initiative to help city and county governments reduce their energy consumption and costs. Through the comprehensive analysis of energy use in existing buildings, The Brewer-Garrett Company will recommend improvements to reduce the long range cost of energy for your government facility. Savings generated in energy costs will more than pay for the installation of new energy conservation measures and was the key point in enacting HB 300.

The Brewer-Garrett Company offers new energy saving solutions that will enable you to take full advantage of valuable incentives like HB 300. We implement the latest energy saving technologies like building automation systems and renewable resources such as solar power to lower consumption. Many government facilities have used our innovative services to improve building efficiency and increase savings.

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Saving energy means saving the people money. Let The Brewer-Garrett Company help your facility reduce costs today!