Maintaining the perfect environment is critical to patient comfort and recovery

The Brewer-Garrett Company offers specialized energy and maintenance services, design-build, and performance contracting for healthcare facilities. Fifty years of industry experience enables us to successfully meet the high performance requirements of medical centers. For a new building or an existing facility, our customized energy solutions aim to be the benchmark in customer satisfaction.

We know how important comfortable temperatures and good indoor air quality are for patient well being. We are also deeply aware of a healthcare facility’s need to meet approved health and safety standards. New generation technology and innovative products help us improve operational efficiency and thermal comfort. Our latest HVAC systems are perfectly suited for a healthcare setting. They offer superior ventilation and energy savings, and can be customized to the needs of your facility. 

Our exceptional design/build and energy performance contracting (EPC) services have helped many healthcare facilities like the Cleveland Clinic's Lutheran Hospital enhance energy savings and increase thermal comfort. Read how we achieved this by checking out our case studies.

We can help your healthcare facility improve your bottom line!

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Advanced building efficiency and thermal comfort solutions

Often the most sophisticated, HVAC systems in the healthcare market require an experienced team for implementation and a dedicated staff for upkeep. The Brewer-Garrett Company works with healthcare facilities to develop and maintain a safe environment for both patients and staff. Our professionals implement proven systems to minimize the risk of transmission of airborne pathogens and preserve a sterile and healing environment. We also offer integrated facility services to help you maintain your systems and meet JCAHO standards.

Our healthcare services include…

  • Design/build of sophisticated HVAC systems with
    • no cross air movement between departments
    • superior ventilation and filtration capabilities to dilute and reduce contamination in the form of odor, airborne micro-organisms and viruses, and hazardous chemical and radioactive substances
  • Excellent integrated facilities services to keep your mechanical systems in top gear
  • Flawless project execution with minimum disruption to your operations
  • Attention to detail and a commitment to quality that is unparalleled in the industry 

The Brewer-Garrett Company understands the unique needs of a healthcare facility. We will help you realize energy savings while preserving a clean, sterile and healing environment for your patients.

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