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Chilled Water Plant Renovation

Med Central Health System logoThe Brewer-Garrett Company conducted an analysis and interviewed staff at MedCentral Mansfield Hospital in February 2011, to evaluate the chilled water plant, including chillers, cooling towers, pumps and controls, to determine the savings that could be achieved by implementing design improvements to the chilled water system. Although the chillers were adequately maintained, due to the age and extensive operating hours, one of the chillers had become less efficient and reliable for the hospital’s requirements.

The Brewer-Garrett team determined that the inefficient chiller would be replaced with a high-efficiency, variable speed chiller of equivalent capacity, providing significant energy cost savings. In addition to the chiller replacement, the project entailed substantial reworking of the existing chiller plant piping arrangement. To maximize performance, the modifications implemented during this project corrected the existing hydraulic issues allowing for proper system operation.

To elevate the plant efficiency, all cooling tower fans were retrofitted with variable frequency drives (VFDs). The newly implemented controls strategy modulates the speed of the fans as necessary to meet the demands of each chiller. Energy savings will be produced by operating the fans at only the speed necessary to meet the load.
It was also determined through Brewer-Garrett’s analysis that many of the existing pumps were oversized and showed signs of aging. Life cycle costs for each pump were analyzed and weighed against potential efficiency and performance gains to determine which pumps would be replaced. Upon completion of this project, all pumps in the system will be correctly sized and capable of variable speed operation.

Along with the aforementioned mechanical revisions, the hospital received a full-scale automation solution, complete with dedicated front-end and graphics that ties seamlessly into the existing Johnson automation system. The conversion of aging pneumatic controls to an integrated digital control strategy provides more accurate operation and monitoring of system components.

This program was designed to:

  • Identify aging mechanical equipment that has become maintenance intensiveMedCentral sign
  • Replace inefficient equipment with new energy efficient equipment
  • Improve operation and reliability
  • Reduce utility and operational costs
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Program Highlights

Project Implementation

Facility Description
MedCentral Mansfield Hospital
700,000 sq.ft.

Benefits to Owner
Replacement of Aging Equipment
Increased Reliability
Improve System Operation
Guaranteed Energy Savings
Single Point of Contact

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