Medina City School District

House Bill 264 Energy Conservation Program

The Brewer-Garrett Company has established a long term partnership with the Medina City School District. Brewer-Garrett has been providing cost savings solutions, which include energy efficient heating/ventilating equipment, lighting retrofits, vending machines, and building automation system upgrades for the District’s school facilities since 2007.

Energy Conservation Measures

In the latest phase of House Bill 264 Energy Conservation Projects, significant mechanical upgrades were made throughout the District.

Medina City Schools was very successful at implementing facility improvement and energy conservation programs. The District Maintenance personnel worked very hard to maintain the District’s infrastructure so the projects that the Brewer-Garrett team focused on for this program fine-tuned the already well run facilities.

Brewer-Garrett utilized this strategy in the following areas: energy efficient chillers, heat recovery system for pools, variable speed drives, updated energy efficient lighting, lighting control retrofits, daylighting controls, water conservation, demand ventilation, vending machine controls, and building automation system upgrades and enhancements, and an emergency generator.

The District-wide lighting retrofit incorporated the new 28W T8 energy efficient lamp to maximize the energy efficiency of the newest technologies and increasing the lamp life, resulting in less re-lamping over the life of the system. The Brewer-Garrett team also installed dual technology occupancy sensors as well as timer switches for areas that benefited from automatic lighting controls and an updated lighting controls system. Gymnasium lighting and sports lighting were also included in this ECM.

Building Automation System
The Building Automation System upgrades provided significant energy savings while improving the building responsiveness and comfort level. The BAS enhancements included new software to provide for many functions such as trending, scheduling and metering to be monitored in an easy to use graphical and Excel format.

Mechanical Systems
Brewer-Garrett supplied, installed, programmed and calibrated (2) York VSDs on (2) 875 ton York YK chillers at the High School to more effectively match the output of the chiller to the demand for cooling. At three Elementary Schools, Brewer-Garrett installed gas fired rooftop HVAC units with air conditioning. The new units are tied into the existing Novar Control System. In addition, Brewer-Garrett installed a dedicated 50 ton air–cooled condensing unit with an indoor chiller barrel that will serve the office air handling unit at the Middle School. Heat recovery and pool system modifications were also included inMedina School District - chart 2011 2012 this ECM.

Water Conservation
At various schools in the District Brewer-Garrett replaced water cooled condensers associated with the freezers with air cooled condensers. In addition, we further automated flush systems on the urinals in the boys’ restrooms by installing occupancy sensors on the flush valves to eliminate needless flushing and drastically reduce utility bills. We also automated the tank urinal in the locker rooms with occupancy sensors.

To reduce the energy used in vending machine areas a load-managing device was installed. This device uses a passive infrared occupancy sensor to turn off the machine when the surrounding area is unoccupied and turn it back on when the area is reoccupied. The device also monitors the ambient temperature while the vending machine if off, and powers up the machine when required to ensure that the product stays cold.

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