Brewer-Garrett's work in energy conservation has made a huge impact on sustainability and protecting our planet. By focusing on the energy efficiency of large institutions and businesses, we have been able to significantly reduce the amount of fossil fuels being used, greenhouse gas emissions, and materials being disposed of. These reductions have a positive impact on habitat protection, biodiversity, human health, and natural resource preservation. 

Our Environmental Stewardship Policy

The Brewer-Garrett Company pledges to operate with the highest level of environmental stewardship. Our management team guarantees our commitment by continuously looking for ways to improve our green construction practices, and daily business operations, with special attention to energy conservation efforts for our clients.

Our energy conservation business model has been based on the three tiers of sustainability -people, planet, and prosperity. Brewer-Garrett's focus on the energy efficiency of large institutions and businesses, has allowed us to significantly reduce the amount of fossil fuel usage, greenhouse gas emissions, and disposal of materials. These reductions protect habitats, biodiversity, human health, and natural resources.

In addition to assisting our clients with energy conservation, Brewer-Garrett maintains a dedicated focus on the day to day energy efficiency and sustainability within our company facilities. During the renovation of our headquarters in 2012, a concentrated effort was made to create a more energy efficient, green facility, including extensive updates integrated into the design and construction of our building. The automation system operating our building, employee training, recycling program, and e-waste collection events assure that we uphold and fully support Brewer-Garrett's sustainability commitment.

Our company strives to involve Brewer-Garrett employees in the development and implementation of environmental stewardship activities through educational presentations and events, re-designing products and processes, and implementing employee ideas to reduce waste.

Our employees are committed to educating our community and our customers about energy efficiency and new initiatives in sustainable practices, while maintaining updated website biogs that promote customers' green efforts and sponsored events.

Supporting people, planet, and prosperity by promoting environmental stewardship throughout our company and with our clients has always been, and continues to be, an integral part of The Brewer-Garrett Company's culture and mission. 

The Brewer-Garrett Company

Lou Joseph

Louis G. Joseph President and CEO


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