Employees Support Sustainable Business

Brewer-Garrett strives to involve employees in the development and implementation of environmental stewardship activities through educational presentations and events, re-designing products or processes, and using individual’s ideas to reduce waste.  

Lunch and Learn Training Sessions:

Employees are encouraged to attend “lunch and learn” training sessions where they learn about the latest in energy efficiency technologies and best practices in conservation. These training sessions span a wide variety of topics such as the following: 

  • Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Water Conservation
  • Combined Heat & Power (Cogeneration)
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Energy Conservation through Behavior Change
  • Building Automation Systems
  • Energy Dashboards

Environmental and Sustainability Events:

Employees both attend and present at environmental and sustainability focused events each year. Some of the events that Brewer-Garrett has attended are as follows:

  • Earth Day at Kent State University’s Stark Campus
  • Sustainability Day at Cleveland State University
  • Sustainability Symposium at Baldwin Wallace University
  • Sustainability Day at Kent State University
  • GreenTown at Kent: Creating Healthy, Sustainable Communities
  • Ohio Hospital Association: Energy & Sustainability
  • Energy Exchange: U.S. Department of Energy

Brewer-Garrett often has a table where our engineers talk to the public about ways that they can be more energy efficient. This includes information about behavior changes that save resources and technical information, such as what kinds of mechanical upgrades reduce the amount of resources being used. Depending on the event’s audience, employees are prepared to discuss both tips for home and projects that could be implemented in large facilities.

Our energy bike is a great display piece for these events. We invite attendees to ride the energy bike with a goal of pedaling hard enough to light up incandescent, CFL, and LED light bulbs. The rider can feel how much more pedaling is needed for incandescent bulbs and how much easier it is to light up LEDs. This is an easy and effective way to prove how much more energy it takes to light up an inefficient incandescent (traditional) bulb! 

Energy Engineering:

Energy engineering is the backbone of Brewer-Garrett. Employees regularly redesign systems to be more efficient and design new systems that will lower CO2 emissions and utility costs for customers. The innovative work of the Brewer-Garrett staff is essential to many organizations seeking energy conservation and utility cost reduction.

Our Energy Services Division maintains a staff of Certified Energy Managers, Certified Lighting Professionals, and mechanical engineers with over thirty (30) years of combined experience designing and engineering energy conservation programs.

Main Office Renovation:

In an effort to keep all employees updated on current events during the renovation, a special newsletter was created and sent out on a regular basis. One project that employees throughout the company were involved in was the 2012 renovation of Brewer-Garrett’s main office in Middleburg Heights, Ohio. This project was designed and implemented with energy efficiency in mind and involved staff from every department, including, but not limited to,HVAC technicians, electrical engineers, energy engineers, controls engineers, commissioning agents, lighting specialists, and project managers.

Water Bottle Filling Station:

A favorite installation, since the renovation project, has been the water bottle filling station. Employees fill their water bottles instead of using disposable containers or bottled water and it has become a trend to watch the number of disposable plastic bottles saved from going to a landfill on the included meter!

Recycling Program and E-Waste Collection:

In 2014, Brewer-Garrett implemented a recycling program for its main office in Middleburg Heights. Brewer-Garrett is proud to collect and recycle paper, aluminum cans, plastics, and e-waste.