What We Do

Brewer-Garrett has been providing single-source design/build solutions to its clients for over half a century. Your program will incorporate the expertise of the finest professionals the industry has to offer. Our areas of specialization include the following:

Brewer-Garrett's Specialties in Cleveland, Ohio

Brewer-Garrett views each customer as unique. Each has its own concerns with finances and capital, operations and expenses, personnel, short-range goals, long range goals, operational issues, risk tolerance, insurance, schedules, space utilization, infrastructure issues, etc. We listen to our customer’s needs and concerns to develop a project that will successfully achieve as many goals as possible.

This is at the heart of our success. After listening to these concerns we will develop a program utilizing as many considerations as possible. Ultimately the design team will consist of the Customer, Brewer-Garrett’s Project Manager, our Chief Financial Officer, Project Engineers, Energy Engineers, Energy Auditors, Utility Procurement Experts, Construction Management, Project Supervisors, Designers, Service Representatives, Electrical Managers, Lighting Experts, Automation Specialists and Field Personnel. Along with the customer, this entire team is housed within Brewer-Garrett, assuring rapid and consistent communication while delivering desired results.

This team will develop and analyze multiple solutions. Each of these will be analyzed for their merits and shortfalls. Improvements will continue to be made until the absolute best solution is determined.

Led by Brewer-Garrett’s Project Manager this team will work tirelessly to develop a solution that will deliver desired results within specified time limits with no change orders incorporating financing consistent with the goals of the customer. Finally, the team can design a Service Program that will assure proper operation and system performance, guaranteed energy savings and fit within the customers’ financial parameters.