Energy Saving Technologies

Improvements we have developed and deployed for our customers include:

Cogeneration or Combined Heat and Power (CHP) - Combined Heat and Power (CHP), also known as cogeneration, is the capture and usage of waste heat lost from the production of electricity. In traditional power plants the heat produced is let off as waste. In CHP systems, instead of allowing the waste heat to escape, it is captured and recovered to be used to offset fuel. The recovered heat can be used to create additional electricity, hot water, or chilled water. Hospitals, universities, K-12 schools, and industrial manufacturing are just a few examples of facilities that a CHP system would benefit. Any facilities that have consistent electrical and thermal needs are great candidates for CHP systems.

CHP using natural gas is cheaper, cleaner, and faster than coal fired plants. Coal powered generation is being replaced due to the increased cost of coal, aging and inefficient coal-fired power plants, and because other resources (such as natural gas) are much less harmful to our health and environment. CHP systems save energy by using a single fuel source to produce electricity and thermal energy at the same time.

In an effort to save on utility costs, facility owners and operators are taking advantage of the movement toward natural gas with CHP systems. CHP systems use fuel to heat water the same as a standard boiler would, however they also generate electricity so that a facility can reduce its dependence on the electrical grid, and use less fuel as compared to traditional systems.

A cogeneration system in your facility will help to maximize energy efficiency and cost savings. Experienced in Ohio commercial energy efficiency, Brewer-Garrett, develops the systems that best meet our customer’s needs.

Boilers - Boilers are the heart of any heating system. Without a properly functioning boiler, many issues arise. Common nuisance issues include buildings being shut down from lack of heat or high utility bills caused by inefficient boilers.

Current boiler technology is significantly more energy efficient and much safer. Proper load matching provides the best energy efficiency.

Chillers - Chillers are the heart of any air conditioning system. Without a properly functioning chiller, many issues arise. Once load requirements are not being met, employee discomfort and health issues arise.

Modern chillers can produce cooling at .4 kw/ton as compared to 1.2 kw/ton of older systems. A properly designed plant will match the load and provide the best energy efficiency. Current chiller technology is significantly more energy efficient than old chiller systems.

Building Automation - The building management system (BMS) is the key to a properly function building environment. Without it, the heating and cooling system fight each other and outside air ventilation is introduced into the building at improper levels. A malfunctioning or non-existent BMS allow the equipment to operate in a “wild” condition.

Current building management systems are significantly more cost effective and easier to operate than previous versions. Brewer-Garrett uses proven building automation technology that has readily available service parts with greatly reduced maintenance requirements. We match the system capabilities to your needs to ensure the best results. The BMS can be replaced or upgraded with excellent economic paybacks.

There are many energy savings strategies that can be implemented without sacrificing comfort.

Automatic Temperature Control - The automatic temperature control (ATC) is instrumental to maintain comfort in the building environment. Malfunctioning ATC allows the equipment to operate outside the comfort zone parameters.

Most temperature complaints are directly related to broken or un-calibrated control devices.

All automatic temperature control (ATC) systems should be reviewed and evaluated. Proper operation of the ATC system is vital to comfort and health of the building environment. The Brewer-Garrett Company has implemented ATC repair programs that have produced significantly improved comfort in the space while reducing energy consumption.

The ATC can be replaced or upgraded with excellent economic paybacks.

Cooling Towers - Properly functioning cooling towers are a necessary component of the chilled water system. Cooling towers expel heat from the condenser water system allowing the cooling system to operate in the most efficient manner.

Cooling towers are exposed to the outdoor environment and need regular attention to keep them functioning properly.

Current cooling tower technology is significantly more energy efficient than old tower systems.

A properly designed cooling tower provides the best energy efficiency to the system.

Steam Traps - A well maintained steam distribution system is essential to an efficient heating system.

Malfunctioning steam traps can account for significant reduction in boiler efficiency.

Current technology has made it much easier to identify failed steam traps. The Brewer-Garrett Company uses proven failed steam trap identification technology and utilizes components that have readily available service parts with greatly reduced maintenance requirements.

Steam trap repair offers attractive economic payback.

Lighting - We rely on lighting to do almost everything for which we use our eyes. Fluorescent lighting systems are the most prevalent in commercial environments. A typical system is made up of magnetic ballasts with T-12 fluorescent lamps.

The largest cost for lighting systems is energy.

Lighting technology is continuously improving. The Brewer-Garrett Company can evaluate and recommend the appropriate energy saving retrofit for your facility.