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The ultimate in affordable investment protection.

Is commercial HVAC maintenance a burning issue? Malfunctioning commercial HVAC systems can be a drain on energy and business finances. Protect your investment with a comprehensive HVAC service agreement from a company that has experienced and skilled HVAC service technicians.

The Brewer-Garrett Company offers comprehensive commercial HVAC services that will take care of design/build, installation and preventive maintenance. Our experienced HVAC service technicians provide the specialized attention that your commercial HVAC system needs to maintain optimal energy efficiency.

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A commercial HVAC company that aims to protect your investment

Energy efficiency and lower utility costs are a top priority for all businesses. Well-maintained commercial HVAC systems deliver optimal performance, comfort and savings. We’re one of the few Ohio commercial HVAC companies offering total value protection and customer satisfaction. Over 50 years of experience as a leading commercial HVAC contractor puts us in a unique position to do so. Read our case studies to learn more.

The value our commercial HVAC services provide our customers include:

  • Customized services tailored to your facility's needs
  • Fixed owning and operating costs 
  • No change orders - expected outcome will be achieved at the cost stipulated in the contract
  • Annual Reports Documenting Program throughout contract 
  • Single source responsibility 
  • Improved comfort and maintenance methods
  • Reduced system downtime 
  • Reduced costs for staffing, equipment repairs and energy consumption 
  • Maintained value of your facility and protection of your investment
  • No risk - guaranteed results 
  • Absolute peace of mind 

Often times, our commercial HVAC service programs can pay for themselves through savings generated by our preventive maintenance programs. We use a total cost of ownership approach to identify the true cost to operate your HVAC system. This includes the cost of energy, downtime, repairs, parts & materials, administration, in-house staff and capital replacement.  

Contact us for complete protection for your commercial HVAC system. A knowledgeable representative from Brewer-Garrett will be happy to explain our process and show you the value of our programs.

Our commercial HVAC services offer the ultimate in affordable investment protection.


From Our Customers

“Fast response is critical when we have down time due to our tenants in the building demanding World Class service from our organization. Brewer-Garrett has been able to provide that to us, responding to our most recent issue after a power failure in less than one hour.”

Chris Nortz
Director of Facility Management
The Center for Health Affairs