Integrated Facility Services

Complete in-house capabilities.

A facilities manager plays an important role - smooth facility operations and maintenance is a top priority for commercial buildings. Looking for ways to reduce energy cost is also an important goal. An experienced facility management company takes care of all facility services so that you and your personnel can focus on your core business.

The Brewer-Garrett Company offers seamless integrated facility management services to increase client productivity and reduce downtime.

Our facility operations and maintenance specialists offer excellent onsite and offsite services leaving you free to concentrate on business growth and development. We provide qualified onsite staffing that takes total charge of day-to-day facility operations. We also have a top-notch off-site support team to deal with all facility maintenance and repair issues.

We have the facility management expertise to save you the trouble and costs of maintaining a qualified facilities manager and maintenance crew. Plus, our smooth facility services improve efficiency and lower building energy use for additional savings. Read our case studies to learn more.

Clients who benefit from our expert integrated facility services include:

  • K-12 schools
  • Data centers
  • Critical care facilities
  • Customer service centers
  • Clean rooms (production)
  • Owner-managed office buildings
  • Complex industrial process locations
  • Portfolio of smaller properties
  • Higher education institutions
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Commercial/retail/entertainment complexes

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From Our Customers

“I am happy to say that we have exceeded the $23,000 in operational savings that you projected in your Assured Service Program. Not only that, our system runs more efficiently, our downtime has diminished and our staff is now able to focus on our business, making it more successful. The Brewer-Garrett Company has delivered everything they promised and more.”

Chuck Stipanovich
Vice President/General Manager
Metals USA

“For years Brewer-Garrett has been taking care of our HVAC needs. You have helped us with the design and construction of the systems in most of our theaters and the maintenance of all. I cannot think of a performance we have ever lost due to a failure in our HVAC systems. Kudos to the whole team at Brewer-Garrett.”

John H. Hemsath
Director of Theater Operations
PlayhouseSquare Center

Facility management company with customized programs

Every facility has unique needs. We are a facility management company offering fully customized programs to suit your specific requirements. Our well-documented services include an individualized facility operation and maintenance policy and manual with energy analysis, emergency procedures and a safety program. This helps you improve efficiency and add value to your bottom line. Read our case studies to learn more.

If any of the following issues plague your facility, call us today for a free consultation:

  • Can’t find the right, qualified personnel
  • Increasing cost of operations
  • Satisfying occupants/tenants needs
  • Measuring operational efficiency
  • Increasing building energy use
  • Evaluating future requirements
  • Budgeting
  • Documentation and procedural accountability

The Brewer-Garrett Company has the latest resources and experienced personnel to deliver efficient facility management. We guarantee improved functioning and reduced expenses.

Contact us for an integrated facility services program tailored to your needs.