Year Completed

35,000 ft2

Square Footage


Total Investment


Total Savings


Electrical Utility Cost Reduction


The City of Kent was looking to address its aging infrastructure and improve performance, while pursuing energy reduction measures for its Water Reclamation Facility. Brewer-Garrett was engaged to provide an energy analysis and implement energy efficient facility solutions based on the findings of the comprehensive analysis.


Mechanical Upgrades
The Kent Water Reclamation Facility aeration tanks previously operated with one of three 350 hp centrifugal blowers. Brewer-Garrett installed one 200 hp turbo blower, along with additional dissolved oxygen sensors, to meet the current needs of the facility.

Lighting Retrofit
A lighting retrofit was implemented in all facilities, and lighting controls were installed. We retrofit 32W T8 fluorescent lamps with 1st generation electronic ballasts using 25W T8 lamps with 2nd generation high efficiency electronic ballasts. Our team retrofit T12 fluorescent lamps with electromagnetic ballasts using 25W T8 lamps with 2nd generation high efficiency electronic ballasts. Brewer-Garrett installed a straightforward one-for-one replacement of the existing 400-watt metal halide fixtures with a 4 lamp high bay T5HO fixture.

Building Automation
Automation system improvements included local building automation upgrades, integrated with a semiannual review of set points that would coincide with the ongoing energy audit.

Brewer-Garrett installed load-managing devices on vending machines using passive infrared occupancy sensors to turn off the display lights when the surrounding area is unoccupied.


Brewer-Garrett’s energy conservation program provided a 35% electrical utility cost reduction for the City of Kent. The upgrades to the mechanical system and building automation system:

  • improved operational performance
  • reduced operational costs and maintenance
  • provided a user friendly automation system to allow for quick diagnosis of system performance