Brewer-Garrett develops energy saving design-build solutions for commercial facilities that reduce operational costs while increasing building performance. Our experienced team of professionals will ensure the proper techniques and products are employed to achieve maximum results.

When you work with us, you can expect:

Expert design-build services and project management skills

Ensuring systems are replaced or upgraded with minimal disruption or downtime

Comprehensive energy audits

Identifying issues and assess the economic feasibility of energy conservation measures

Selection and use of appropriate energy saving technologies

As well as systems to achieve target energy and cost savings

We are experts in HVAC system replacement and upgrades, boiler and chiller plant replacements, steam piping distribution system improvements, lighting retrofits, building automation systems and controls, water conservation, HVAC preventive maintenance, and integrated facilities management.

Protect your assets with preventive maintenance

Brewer-Garrett’s preventive maintenance programs are designed to extend HVAC equipment life, minimize its costs of operation, and maximize productivity and comfort in the space.

Upkeep of your HVAC system can be a drain on in-house facilities personnel and your company budget. We understand that every facility has unique needs, so the experienced service technicians from Brewer-Garrett customize the program to suit your specific requirements. Between cost savings and avoiding disasters, preventive maintenance pays for itself.

Our programs use a total cost of ownership approach to identify the actual cost of operating your HVAC system. This includes the cost of energy, downtime, repairs, parts and materials, administration, in-house staff, and capital replacement. We offer services including an individualized facility operation and maintenance program with an energy analysis, emergency procedures, and a safety program—all so you can improve your building’s efficiency and add to the bottom line.

Contact us today to learn more about developing a custom maintenance plan for your commercial facility.

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