“At Brewer-Garrett, we like to build on excellence.”

-Lou Joseph, President and CEO

Thanks to the dynamic efforts of our management team and the focused expertise of our energy, engineering, construction, and service associates, we’ve had 60 years of continuous growth, as well as expansion of energy saving solutions and services into new markets. We’re proud of our accomplishments and excited to continue this unprecedented growth.

World-Class Customer Service

Our company’s success can be attributed to the solid relationships we’ve built with our customers. As we strive to stay at the forefront of our industry, we constantly raise the bar for delivered results. In recognition of these efforts, the Smart Business Network honored us with the World-Class Customer Service Award.

Environment for Success

Our philosophy has always been that if you take care of your people, they will take care of your customers. As our market base has expanded, we’ve brought in many wonderful people and provided them with an environment for success.

We continually challenge our team to provide the best solutions for our clients. Our projects, combined with our approach to exploring innovative solutions, provide a rewarding work environment for our associates. Our team knows we’ll do anything to help them achieve their goals.

A Sustainable Future

We’re committed to providing the highest quality services to our customers. We explore and evaluate advanced technologies to achieve the highest level of cost savings. And because of our energy conservation program, our solutions offer the most effective means to control energy use while also improving profitability.

Our services promote a sustainable future for our customers and have a tremendous impact on our world by conserving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

We look forward to a brighter, greener future for our customers, our associates, and Brewer-Garrett.

Brewer-Garrett stands out from the rest.

We attribute our excellence to three distinct reasons: we have the best people, programs, and technology.

First and foremost, our highly experienced team makes our company as great as it is. We make a point to hire people who inspire and innovate, and we’re sure you’ll be convinced of that when you work with us. Our associates are constantly searching for the most efficient solutions to benefit both you and the environment.

And because of the ongoing training we offer, those stellar associates are always improving. We have extensive in-house programs that keep our team members up-to-date about emerging methods and the newest techniques so they’re always prepared to face any and every challenge.

Finally, we only use state-of-the-art technology. We embrace change because we know every challenge requires unique responses. With our custom, comprehensive solutions, you’ll find that all your needs are addressed, and you’ll see results both immediately and in the long term.

Our mission: to be the benchmark in customer service.

At Brewer-Garrett, our number one priority is customer satisfaction. That’s why we invest so heavily in providing our staff with the most relevant programs and state-of-the-art technologies. Our innovative team is always researching and providing the most efficient solutions. In every project, we empower our clients to reduce their reliance on global energy resources.

Our philosophy is grounded in relationships—and it’s a vision that runs through every level of our company. We believe if we complete only one job for you, we did something wrong. We want to establish a long-term relationship and hope to become an integral part of your process.

We aim to be the single source for all your energy services and mechanical systems needs, with specialties in:

We’re proud of our work in conservation and sustainability.

By making large institutions and businesses more energy efficient, we’ve been able to significantly reduce consumption of fossil fuels, cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, and decrease waste. These reductions have a positive impact on habitat protection, biodiversity, human health, and natural resource preservation.

Brewer-Garrett pledges to operate at the highest level of environmental stewardship. We work hard to protect the three tiers of sustainability: people, planet, and prosperity.

Consciousness and care for our planet has always been, and will always be, an integral part of Brewer-Garrett’s culture and mission. We strive to involve our associates in the development and implementation of environmental stewardship activities. A few of our initiatives include educational presentations and events, re-designing products or processes, and running a recycling and e-waste program.

For 60 years, Brewer-Garrett has been a leader in facility solutions.

We’ve built a strong business based on quick response, quality work, and total customer satisfaction—and we couldn’t have done it without our dedicated staff and loyal customers. We look back on our history with pride. Click here to view our 60th anniversary video.

Historical Timeline of Events

At Brewer-Garrett, we strive to change the world for the better every day in every way.

We conduct our business without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age or veteran status. Our practices, procedures and processes promote fairness, justice and impartiality. We value, respect, support and commit to our customers and to each other because it makes us stronger. We are great alone but together we are extraordinary.

At Brewer-Garrett, we consistently strive to maintain a value system that is beyond reproach. Personal integrity has always been a part of BG’s culture. We have a commitment to fair dealing with customers, associates, vendors, and competitors. The BG Code of Business Ethics and Conduct, known as, “The Code” establishes the basic principles to guide all officers, managers, and associates of BG.