Our design-assist approach combines the strengths and expertise of essential trade contractors to develop design and construction documents.

A collaborative approach

We establish a collaborative environment within the design and construction teams, which addresses coordination issues earlier in the process—minimizing delays associated with requests for information and limiting obstacles like Value Engineering and costly change orders.

By involving contractors in the early stages of the design process, you can:

  • Reduce risk by developing early pricing.
  • Keep to budget by improving coordination and eliminating field-driven change orders.
  • Stay on schedule by increasing time for pre-construction planning and eliminating inefficiencies.

Design-assist team members’ early participation also allows for the pre-purchase of equipment and identification of long lead time items, which is crucial for projects with accelerated schedules and phased construction.

The design-assist process has a major impact on performance, cost, speed to market, and constructability, which is especially valuable in high-risk, complex jobs.

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