Brewer-Garrett offers seamless integrated facility management services to increase client productivity and reduce system downtime—so you can focus on growing and developing your core business. We provide a qualified on-site staff that takes charge of day-to-day facility operations, as well as an excellent off-site support team to deal with any and all maintenance and repair issues.

Our facility management expertise will save you the burden—and cost—of retaining a full maintenance crew and managing multiple contractors. Plus, our programs improve efficiency and lower building energy use, which add to additional savings. Browse our case studies to learn more.

Some industries that benefit from our expert integrated facility services include:

  • K-12 schools
  • Data centers
  • Critical care facilities
  • Customer service centers
  • Clean rooms (production)
  • Owner-managed office buildings
  • Complex industrial process locations
  • Portfolio of smaller properties
  • Higher education institutions
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Commercial/retail/entertainment complexes

Brewer-Garrett has the latest resources and experienced personnel to deliver excellent, efficient facility management. We guarantee improved functioning and reduced expenses.

Customized facility management programs

Brewer-Garrett is a facility management company offering fully-customized programs to suit your specific needs. Our well-documented services include an individualized facility operation plan. We also provide detailed maintenance policies and manuals with energy analyses, emergency procedures, and a safety program.

If you’re having trouble in any of the following areas, contact us today for a consultation:

  • Difficulty finding the right, qualified personnel
  • Facing increasing cost of operations
  • Satisfying occupant/tenant needs
  • Measuring operational efficiency
  • Increasing building energy use
  • Evaluating future facility requirements
  • Operational capital and budgeting
  • Documentation and procedural accountability

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