The Green Apple Project (GAP) is an innovative program that combines behavior changes with system optimization to reduce energy waste by 20-25 percent. This program has been developed through years of real-life experience and supports the nationwide movement of achieving savings through behavior change.

GAP sits at the intersection of people and equipment—allowing buildings and people to be top performers.

New technology, the size of a cell phone, connects to the existing building automation network and gathers and maps points for 24/7 engineering analysis.

Key Benefits of Fault Detection Diagnostics (FDD)

  • Automatically identifies and lists root problems before they affect building occupants
  • Provides specific solutions
  • Quantifies energy wasted in dollars per identified problem
  • Helps prioritize and optimize control repair efforts
  • Works on existing legacy building automation systems

There are three distinct reasons organizations engage in the Green Apple Project:

Reduced waste from energy reductions.

Energy savings fund the entire program and your organization gets money back in your pocket.

Workforce Optimization/Fault Detection Diagnostics (FDD).

Optimization is accomplished through our robust data analytics. FDD identifies problems and solutions by performing a 24/7 engineering analysis to guide your team to efficient operation.

Sustainability leadership.

Most organizations would like to have staff to lead a sustainability program but do not have the budget to make this happen. GAP leads your program while saving you money.

Custom solutions are developed for a wide variety of markets including:

  • K-12 Education
  • Higher Education
  • Healthcare
  • Municipalities
  • Commercial Buildings

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