Brewer-Garrett offers building commissioning expertise for facilities both large and small. With 60 years of experience in design, estimating, construction, start-up, commissioning, and service of mechanical systems, we can help you maintain your investments.

From HVAC systems to energy management, infrared thermal imaging, lighting to security systems, or indoor air quality to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)  certification, we cover all your commissioning needs. As a predominant commissioning authority in Ohio, we offer superior solutions, performance efficiency and savings.

You can count on us to:

  • Maximize comfort for building occupants
  • Reduce energy and maintenance costs
  • Protect capital dollars (reduce change orders)
  • Preserve your building investment
  • Avoid future improvement costs
  • Ensure long-term system reliability
  • Improve indoor air quality, environmental interaction, and safety
  • Provide optional operations and maintenance programs to maintain your investment

We keep up-to-date with the latest technology and are constantly looking for innovative products to better serve you. Whether for new construction or an existing building, our turnkey solutions establish us as a commissioning authority.

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Comprehensive commissioning services for new and existing facilities

Over time, mechanical systems slowly begin to deteriorate, so it’s important to evaluate your building’s performance. We can help you by performing one of two check-ups.

Re-Commissioning is a one-time process that will identify problems and restore lost performance at your facility.

Continuous Commissioning is a periodic process, and it’s often the most beneficial to your building. It will identify whether or not your systems are functioning properly by tracking energy usage over time. Our continuous commissioning program has many advantages, including:

  • Fine-tuned equipment maintenance procedures
  • Extended equipment life
  • Enhanced occupant productivity through improved thermal comfort
  • Additional energy saving opportunities with the implementation of advanced technologies
  • Recommended system changes to match changing space utilization requirements

Brewer-Garrett is one of only seven commissioning firms to be pre-approved by the OSFC (Ohio School Facilities Commission).

This selection was based on our ability to provide energy services that conform to school district needs. Schools that take advantage of our commissioning services can rely on us to make improvements that reduce utility bills and free up funds.

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