Brewer-Garrett is a true design-build company, with a full in-house engineering team. We provide award-winning design-build services for educational, governmental, healthcare, industrial, and commercial facilities. With 60 years as a trusted design-build company, we’re in a unique position to meet your every need, on time and within budget.

Our design-build expertise maximizes value…

Design-build has been proven to be the most cost-effective delivery model with the fastest delivery speed. Our team has demonstrated the value of design-build to hundreds of clients across the country. Allow us to show you the difference design-build can make in your next facility improvement project.

With benefits including:

  • Single source responsibility – Purchasing from a single source significantly reduces the complexities of coordinating difficult projects.
  • In-house engineering team – Our engineering team members are expert designers and understand the nuts and bolts of construction. This blend of understanding both construction and design enables our team to provide our customers with the most cost effective solutions.
  • Cost control from the start of the process – A Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) is provided with the proposal, providing the final cost of your project upon project award.
  • Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) – protects you from overages and change orders during construction and reduces risk.
  • Faster delivery speed – Design-Build can be utilized to fast-track construction to meet the most stringent timeframes.
  • Extensive design and execution experience – Our design and execution teams have collaborated on multiple projects. This teaming leads to highly coordinated, quality solutions.
  • Reduction in owner’s administrative duties – Our expert management approach ensures that our projects are coordinated from start to finish, allowing our clients to focus on the big picture.
  • A focus on quality, efficiency, system life, and return on investment – Our approach focuses on delivering high quality to maximize longevity.
  • Optional operations and maintenance programs to maintain your investment – Our experience maintaining facilities ensures your investment operates beyond traditional life expectancies.

…And maximizes returns

Our in-house engineering team has a unique understanding of construction costs and system design. This understanding ensures that the optimum system is tailored for the specific needs of each client. Few firms can match our design-build excellence, outstanding project management skills, and proven processes. We owe our exceptional capabilities to our highly experienced team, and over five decades of industry-leading experience.

Our qualified and skilled in-house engineering, construction, and installation teams maximize our customer’s return while minimizing the required investment. And we don’t just install systems; we deliver optimal performance through the life cycle of the installed equipment. All our teams work together to secure absolute customer satisfaction.

Contact us for more information on customized design-build services or read our case studies to learn more.


Our design-assist approach combines the strengths and expertise of essential trade contractors to develop design and construction documents.

A collaborative approach

We establish a collaborative environment within the design and construction teams, which addresses coordination issues earlier in the process—minimizing delays associated with requests for information and limiting obstacles like Value Engineering and costly change orders.

By involving contractors in the early stages of the design process, you can:

Reduce risk

by developing early pricing.

Keep to budget

by improving coordination and eliminating field-driven change orders.

Stay on schedule

by increasing time for pre-construction planning and eliminating inefficiencies.

Design-assist team members’ early participation also allows for the pre-purchase of equipment and identification of long lead time items, which is crucial for projects with accelerated schedules and phased construction.

The design-assist process has a major impact on performance, cost, speed to market, and constructability, which is especially valuable in high-risk, complex jobs.

Design-build for public agencies

Design-build is widely accepted by local, state, and federal agencies. Our team has utilized the design-build model for:

  • State agencies
  • Colleges and universities
  • Counties
  • Townships
  • Municipal corporations
  • School districts
  • Other political subdivisions

The design-build approach gives public owners project delivery options that are faster and more flexible, with lower costs and fewer risks.

For example, in the State of Ohio, the Ohio House Bill 153 (HB 153) included the first changes in Ohio’s method of public construction in over 134 years. Known as Ohio Construction Reform, these changes alter the method of completing public improvement projects and allow for alternative construction delivery methods. The Ohio Revised Code section 153 (ORC 153) outlines the framework for the design.

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