146,000 ft2

Square footage


Total investment


Months ahead of schedule


As part of a campus-wide facilities improvements initiative, the University of Akron engaged Brewer-Garrett to upgrade the labs of the Goodyear Polymer Center.


We designed and installed new lab hoods. A new lab control system was designed to maintain strict life-safety ventilation and space pressure relationships, and we redesigned the airflow distribution throughout the building to bring it up to current life safety standards.

Our team modified the acid waste, compressed air, nitrogen, natural gas, and domestic water systems throughout the building. We also performed commissioning on the entire building, and we designed and installed the mechanical systems in two labs that had undergone recent renovations.


Goodyear Polymer Building required extensive site investigation, detail-oriented design, and experienced planning. For example, the labs included extremely sensitive laser lab tables. The Brewer-Garrett team built a mock-up protective housing to ensure the safety of this sensitive equipment, and in the end, no laser tables were impacted by construction.