Year Started

581,400 sq. ft.

Square Footage


Total Investment

Terminal Tower, a fixture of the Cleveland skyline for nearly a century, had been subject to district energy systems, like many of Northeast Ohio metropolitan areas. The systems supplied steam and chilled water, but due to extreme age and decades of little to no maintenance, leaks and inefficiencies caused escalated prices.


BG designed and installed a central boiler plant within Terminal Tower to provide reliable and economical heat. This included four 200‐HP gas‐fired, vertical steam boilers with full modulating firing controls and fuel economizers.


All equipment including feed and recovery systems were equipped with controls that allowed unmanned operation of the plant.


In addition to the installation, BG aquired a preventive maintenance agreement to perform all routine and emergency maintenance on the plant.

The construction of a central boiler plant allowed Terminal Tower to operate self‐sufficiently and no longer depended on district steam to heat their facility. The implementation saw a 19.5% reduction in energy, which equates to 6,789 MMBTUs saved.