Without an electrical preventative maintenance program, facilities can assume a much greater risk of serious electrical failure – and its consequences. That’s why Brewer-Garrett is proud to be a provider of CurrentSAFE® Electrical Preventative Maintenance services – offering a comprehensive approach that uses a unique methodology built on strict adherence to quality, process, technology, and standards.

Our CurrentSAFE Electrical Preventative Maintenance program helps ensure:

  • NFPA 70E compliance
  • Insurance compliance
  • Safety of personnel
  • Arc flash engineering study
  • Protection of the facility
  • Power quality

As a CurrentSAFE provider, we are trained to analyze and diagnose a building’s entire electrical system, inside and out. Our electricians thoroughly inspect, test, safety check, and evaluate all electrical system components within a facility. The result of this comprehensive evaluation is an understanding that your electrical system is safe for your facility and delivering clean power.

We use revolutionary methods to test and diagnose electrical problems that could lead to dangerous shock and fire hazards. Our CurrentSAFE trained technicians use the latest technology, including infrared thermal scanning and ultrasonic arc detection, to pinpoint problems that could result in downtime or lost production – and then identify cost effective solutions that can resolve problems, permanently.

Our exclusive EPM480™ Advanced Electrical Inventory/Estimating Software System gives you:

  • Same-day reporting
  • An inventory list of electrical distribution equipment and components
  • The ability to determine the right services for each piece of equipment
  • The ability to customize each facility’s needs
  • Development of a three-year electrical preventative maintenance program to meet all facility requirements

Contact us today to learn if your facility meets the NFPA 70E standards required by OSHA.

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