Correctly designed classrooms have proven to significantly advance student academic progress. The ambient conditions of their space directly affect students’ alertness and quality of attention. Research shows factors such as lighting, noise, air quality, and heating/cooling have a profound impact on student achievement.

At the same time, school districts face significant challenges in funding and managing infrastructure improvement projects that can positively affect the learning environment.

That’s why we tailor custom solutions to improve K-12 learning environments, based on the unique needs of each school district. These infrastructure enhancements update aging facilities with minimal disruption to students and staff—and translate into operational savings that can be reinvested in other projects.

Our K-12 Design-Build approach

Between limited funds and restricted resources, it has become increasingly difficult for school districts to make improvements to existing facilities.

Utilizing the local Design-Build procurement model makes it easier to procure experienced and reliable contractors. For example, in the State of Ohio, the Ohio House Bill 153 Design-Build model is ideal for facility improvement projects. And it’s an increasingly popular option with our public clients due to its many benefits:

  • Purchasing made easy through single source responsibility – Purchasing from a single source significantly reduces the complexities of coordinating fast-tracked summer projects.
  • The most cost-effective option in challenging renovation projects – A Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) is provided with the proposal, providing the final cost of your project upon project award.
  • Protection from risk – A Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) protects your district from overages and change orders during construction.
  • Faster delivery speed –Fast-track construction helps you avoid displacing students during the school year.
  • A competitively bid Best-Value selection process – The project is competitively bid through the public process, and you can define what your district considers to be best value.
  • Community participation – Local contractors are provided the opportunity to perform each bid package.
  • More control in your hands – Selecting your Criteria Architect and/or Engineer to develop the project criteria and oversee the project gives you independent oversight for the District.
  • Operations and maintenance – Offer comprehensive maintenance services to ensure equipment continues to operate at optimized levels.

We’ve had the privilege of working with multiple districts that—based on the benefits they have seen first-hand—continue to increase their design-build programs. Allow us to show you the difference Design-Build can make in your next facility improvement project.

Energy performance contracting for increased school building efficiency

State Energy Conservation Programs are a great incentive for school districts to increase building efficiency, thermal comfort and energy conservation. These state-sponsored programs allow school districts to pay for energy efficiency improvements to their facilities using the cost savings they generate. With over 87% of a facility’s operational budget used for lighting, heating and cooling, this translates to big cuts in operational deficits.

In Ohio for example, we help K-12 educational institutions take advantage of HB 264 and other incentives to improve their mechanical systems. Our expertise in energy performance contracting and commissioning has enabled the school districts we’ve worked with to generate the positive cash flow they need.

To meet efficiency requirements, we:

  • Perform energy engineering services to highlight the appropriate response in order to achieve target energy and cost savings.
  • Design and build mechanical solutions to replace or upgrade existing systems—with minimal disruption.
  • Install and service automation systems to adjust temperatures and set schedules across multiple buildings.
  • Offer comprehensive maintenance services to ensure equipment continues to operate at optimized levels.
  • Leverage our knowledge and experience working with schools across the state to apply best practices in your district.
  • Guarantee energy savings through our performance contracting.

Contact us today for more information on our energy savings solutions and services.

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