3 million ft2

Square footage


Guaranteed Energy Savings across all phases of the program


With over 5,000 pieces of equipment, Cuyahoga Community College needed a system to track contractor maintenance activities. The College also required a way to make repair and replace decisions on a case-by-case basis.


We implemented a customized Assured Service Program to meet all their needs.

Assured Service Program
Because Cuyahoga Community College has several satellite campuses, the agreement is flexible and addresses the issues faced by every location. For example, certain locations that have on-site staff are provided with an HVAC preventive maintenance program in place, while other remote buildings are provided with an all-inclusive, full service agreement.

Unique solutions
We created a barcode system to track and trend maintenance and repair actions by piece of equipment. We have a seat on the College’s CMMS system and must have all preventive maintenance work orders closed monthly, or we don’t get paid.


Our program provides HVAC preventive and corrective maintenance, building automation systems, engineering, and support for 3 million square feet of occupied space spread over four campuses and six locations.