810,787 sq. ft.


Hiram College undertook a massive energy conservation project that entailed design‐build, construction, commissioning, and auditing services for over 30 buildings on campus.


The campus previously consisted of linear fluorescent technology and halogen flood lamps. The entire campus was retrofit with T8‐25 watt and electric ballast systems that are more efficient and help to maintain proper operating conditions.


Multiple mechanical upgrades were executed throughout campus including replacing hot water boilers and chillers. Occupancy sensors were installed in dining hall kitchens, which helped reduced the amount of conditioned outdoor air when the areas were unoccupied. All new systems and controls were integrated into one building automation system for maximized control.


BG performed retro‐commissioning on twelve separate buildings based upon their energy intensity and the capability of the systems to truly operate better.

The upgrades to the lighting system alone saw a 75% reduction in energy usage without sacrificing light output. In total, the campus will see $6.5 million in total energy savings over 15 years and immediately saw an increase in student and staff comfort.