July 2019

Year Started
(17-Year Program)

1,350,943 ft2

Square Footage


Total Investment


in guaranteed energy savings through BG’s Assured Service Program


Through a competitive RFP process, Lorain County Community College selected Brewer-Garrett to provide preventive maintenance across its main campus and two satellite campuses. Brewer-Garrett was selected based on price factors, past performance, and our unique approach to providing service. LCCC needed an efficient, cost-effective, comprehensive, and professional preventive maintenance program to provide a realistic and consistent approach to operations and maintenance.


Brewer-Garrett’s solution includes an Assured Service Program, in which we are responsible for the preventive maintenance of all HVAC and Electrical Systems in place – totaling 3,234 pieces of equipment.

We also provide a proactive and productive electrical preventive maintenance program, which they did not have in the past, to solve multiple electrical issues across campus and reduce the cost of running the facility.

Bundled with a performance contract, Brewer-Garrett will maintain and service the equipment installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements, our experience, and the College’s application of equipment for the energy guarantee to remain in place. Our solution includes a dedicated BG Service Manager to manage all service technicians who install, repair, and maintain the systems. These services often diagnose and solve equipment problems before they occur.

Preventive maintenance is performed on an ongoing basis and is scheduled with little or no equipment downtime to ensure system durability, reliability, efficiency, and safety.


As part of this program, Brewer-Garrett:

  • Found ways to repair systems that would extend the life of equipment previously presented to the College as condemned and needing to be replaced
  • Presented cost-effective options to the campus to reduce their spend
  • Provides 360 Analytics software as part of the solution that automatically trends energy and equipment use. Reports generated allow us to reduce the cost of on-site maintenance needed for specific systems that usually require inspections annually. The Fault Detection Diagnostics software allows us to better understand the consistency and cause of particular failures, while also predicting potential operational or energy consumption issues

Lorain County Community College is committed to the success of our students and providing a learning environment that advances their academic progress. Bringing on Brewer-Garrett as our Preferred Operations and Maintenance provider has given me a peace of mind that I do not have to worry about the maintenance of our HVAC or Electrical systems. I trust their comprehensive solution will improve the infrastructure of our buildings.

Leo Mahoney, Physical Plant Operations