3 million ft2

Square Footage


Total investment


Guaranteed Energy Savings (across all phases of the program)


Since 1997, Brewer-Garrett has been providing cost saving solutions to Cuyahoga Community College beginning with a Full Service Maintenance Agreement to address the need for a system to track contractor maintenance activities for over 5,000 pieces of equipment. The College also required a way to make repair and replace decisions on a case-by-case basis. With the need for a significant amount of deferred maintenance upgrades and the lack of funding to complete these upgrades, Brewer-Garrett developed a comprehensive energy conservation program for 20 buildings across four campuses at six locations.


Assured Service Program
Because Cuyahoga Community College has several satellite campuses, the agreement is flexible and addresses the issues faced by every location. For example, certain locations that have on-site staff are provided with an HVAC preventive maintenance program in place, while other remote buildings are provided with an all-inclusive, full service agreement.

We created a barcode system to track and trend maintenance and repair actions by piece of equipment. We have a seat on the College’s CMMS system and must have all preventive maintenance work orders closed monthly, or we don’t get paid.

Comprehensive Energy Conservation Program: Phase I:
Brewer-Garrett developed a comprehensive Ohio House Bill 7 energy program for all of the College’s facilities. This phase included the replacement of nine boilers, five chillers, a rooftop unit, and a cooling tower. New building automation systems were installed for new equipment and integrated with the remaining equipment. This was the single largest installation of a Trane DDC building automation system in the nation and was made up of six networked workstations, over 120 controllers, and nearly 8,000 points. Lighting systems were retrofit with energy efficient lamps / ballasts (15,400 ballasts, 38,000 fluorescent lamps, 1,000 incandescent). Over 1,200 plumbing fixtures were replaced or retrofit and others were modified to reduce water consumption.

Comprehensive Energy Conservation Program: Phase II:
Brewer-Garrett assisted the College in converting a recently acquired commercial office building into a premier facility for training and conferences. This phase included a new centralized chilled water plant, rooftop air handlers, and a ventilation distribution system. Additional capacity was designed into the new system. It provides flexibility, which will allow for future expansion of the chilled water plant to accommodate the future cooling demands.

Comprehensive Energy Conservation Program: Phase III:
Brewer-Garrett assisted the College in instituting changes to make further advances in energy conservation on all of their campuses including interior and exterior LED lighting upgrades, demand ventilation upgrades, boiler plant upgrades, chilled water system upgrades, system optimization, water conservation upgrades, building envelope upgrades, and a campus-wide building automation Tridium upgrade. The Tridium upgrade provided easier, more convenient global schedule tracking and control, one click access to global reports, a customizable user interface, and system specific data analysis. This allows for convenient logging and monitoring to quickly identify any trouble areas in the mechanical system.


Our program provides HVAC preventive and corrective maintenance, building automation systems, engineering, and support for three million square feet of occupied space spread over four campuses and six locations. Our program is also targeted to achieve monetary energy savings of $50,757,906 for all phases of the program.