2007 and 2017

Years Started

1,248,000 Sq. Ft.

Square Footage


Total Investment

Beginning in 2007, the Medina City School District (MSCD) took advantage of the funding under House Bill 264 to address a district‐wide need for maintenance and energy conservation. In 2017, the district expressed the need for a complete lighting infrastructure improvement project.


BG designed and implemented a combined heat and power plant that reduced the district’s utility costs and supplied cleaner and more efficient heating to the high school.


After mechanical and metering upgrades were performed, including water conservation upgrades, ventilating unit replacements, and VFD installations; the building automation system was optimized to provide centralized scheduling and ease of troubleshooting.


Inefficient lighting systems were upgraded without compromising each school’s established aesthetic or uniform level of brightness. During this project we were able to maximize the use of existing infrastructure which reduced labor and construction costs

An accurate GMP was provided for both projects and there were zero scope‐driven changes. The first project guaranteed over $5 million in engery savings over 10 years, and the lighting project outweighed the project investment costs and will return over $440,614 to the district.