Year Started

100,000 sq. ft.

Square Footage


Total Investment

The City of Brook Park was met with the challenge of an aging community recreation center and the need for a new location for City Hall and council offices. The rec center was a popular gathering place for members of the community, and the city chose to undergo major renovations to provide a better experience and to integrate the legislative offices within the building.


The roof of the facility was replaced to provide additional insulation and waterproofing, which had previously been a major issue for the city. The rooftop units were simultaneously replaced and integrated into a new building automation system for seamless control of all zones.


A major interior and exterior lighting retrofit was undertaken that delivered over 75% in savings and reduced energy consumption by over 50%.

BG redesigned and renovated underused space to incorporate the relocation of City Hall and the council offices.


The recreation center became a true community center and allowed the city to save municipal dollars on the maintenance required to maintain multiple buildings. Over a 20 year guarantee period, the city will see over $8.5 million in energy savings.