Our partnership with Playhouse Square began in 1992, when the recently acquired Allen Theater needed heating. Led by Lou Joseph, a salesman who would become our president and CEO, the Brewer-Garrett team found a way to get the job done on time and within budget, and a relationship was formed.


For over 25 years, we’ve had the pleasure of providing HVAC services to Playhouse Square, the crown jewel of Cleveland.

Assured Service Program
Following the successful completion of the Allen Theater project, our team showed Playhouse Square how our Assured Service Program would reduce the cost of maintaining five theaters and multiple office buildings by providing all necessary maintenance exactly when they needed it.

Furthermore, Brewer-Garrett guaranteed our performance by including repairs and emergency calls for one fixed price. We were proud to take accountability for our work.

Air Conditioning
Until the mid-1990s, Playhouse Square’s five theaters lacked air conditioning and were closed during the summer. Brewer-Garrett was selected to install the Playhouse Square’s first-ever chilled water system, which provided air conditioning across the complex—a huge game changer that meant Playhouse Square could now host shows year-round.

The Allen Theater was the last major theater to be renovated, with The Lion King slated to be the first show in the revitalized theater. Despite an aggressive timeline, we were happy to provide the work on time. The chilled water system was eventually expanded to include the Idea Center, a renovation that paid for itself. Additionally, we installed several localized heating plants which allowed Playhouse Square to abandon their costly reliance on district steam.

Our ongoing service program includes a full-service agreement for HVAC maintenance, tenant utility billing, and guaranteed boiler efficiency reporting.


We provide HVAC and building automation preventive and corrective maintenance in historic buildings that cover seven acres and two million square feet of conditioned space. We have also created energy savings programs to reduce Playhouse Square’s utility expense.