1,300,000 ft2

Square footage


Total investment


Total savings


Energy savings goal


Aultman Hospital had aging and inefficient systems that were affecting the comfort and health of clients and staff.


Leveraging our extensive experience helping healthcare systems run more efficiently, the Brewer-Garrett team developed solutions to ensure that clients, staff, and visitors were comfortable throughout every room of the hospital.

Boiler and chiller upgrades
We replaced two aging chillers with high efficiency variable speed chillers. An additional 850-ton cell was added to the cooling towers to serve two other chillers in this facility. The chiller plant in the 2010 building, which consisted of two chillers, was reconfigured to operate more efficiently.

Automation system
We implemented an open, protocol-based automation system.

Emergency power system
With additional energy savings, the Brewer-Garrett team developed a reliable, cost effective emergency power system to replace the existing system. The new emergency generator plant consists of two 2500 KW, 480V diesel generators, as well as a new switchgear and fuel system.


The hospital’s core infrastructure functions as a cohesive system, providing a more comfortable environment for patients, visitors, and staff.