761,954 ft2

Square footage (30 buildings)


Total investment


Total savings


The Brewer-Garrett team was selected by the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission, Chillicothe Correctional Institution administrators, and maintenance staff to implement Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) through a selective performance contracting bid process.


Steam System and Boiler House Upgrades
Laundry appliances were converted from steam to natural gas, and we installed new, high-efficiency domestic hot water boilers. The boiler house also reduces water treatment costs by replacing the existing water softener system with boiler feed water and using a no-salt system for domestic hot water.

Aeration blower
A new variable-speed aeration blower reducees electricity consumption at the wastewater treatment plant.

Lighting retrofit
After completing an extensive audit, we performed a campus-wide interior lighting retrofit to meet the desired levels of lighting, while reducing energy use.

Additional energy conservation measures
We also replaced window air-conditioning units and retro-commissioned kitchen hood controls.


Our comprehensive energy conservation program will significantly reduce energy consumption at the correctional institution, lower the operating costs of buildings, and provide over $7,890,031 in energy and O&M savings.