Strongsville City School District

House Bill 264 Energy Conservation Program

strongsville city school districtThe Brewer-Garrett Company has a long-term relationship with the Strongsville City School District. Brewer-Garrett has been providing cost savings solutions, which include energy efficient heating/ventilating equipment, boiler and chiller replacements, water conservation and building automation system upgrades, since 2002.

In the latest phase of House Bill 264 Energy Conservation Projects, significant mechanical upgrades were made throughout the District. The boiler plants in three schools were replaced. Two of the plants were aging and inefficient. The third plant used electric boilers that were installed when a very favorable electricity rate was in place. The utility’s restructuring of rates as they entered a deregulated market place made these boilers extremely expensive to operate. These boilers were replaced with high efficiency, natural gas fired units.

Brewer-Garrett also replaced the cooling tower, chiller and associated pumps with new more efficient equipment. The chiller is a new turbocore technology. In addition, we replaced aging rooftop HVAC units at several schools. Air handling units were equipped with Variable Frequency Drives throughout the District and demand control ventilation was implemented on many of the air handlers.

Strongsville School’s existing Trane Tracer Summit System controlled the major equipment throughout the District. Brewer-Garrett upgraded this system to a completely open architecture which allows for Web access of the system and complete product flexibility when adding to the system. Sophisticated energy savings strategies, using the Building Automation System, were implemented on the new chiller and boiler plants at the High School to maximize efficiency.

The ten buildings in the District all received a group re-lamping with 28 watt T8 energy efficient lamps. The gymnasiums were upgraded from a variety of metal halide technologies to a standard T-5 High Bay Fluorescent fixture which significantly reduced energy usage and improved light levels.

Existing standard flow valves and fixtures were replaced with low flow china and valves and aerators were installed in the sinks. Brewer-Garrett automated flush systems on the urinals in the boys’ restrooms by installing occupancy sensors on the flush valves.

Vending machines throughout the District were controlled using a load-managing device while maintaining appropriate temperature of the delivered product.

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